A movie about finding faith, hope and love through prayer.

Tyler Johnson, has over 9 years of extensive experience in the independent film industry where he has produced, directed and written many short films, documentaries, music videos and web commercials. Working as a photographer for over a decade, Tyler brings a unique street photography style to his film work, while keeping the direction simple. He believes in letting the actors become the characters that are on the page by giving them freedom to explore and evolve. The movie Footprints is his first time as a director of a full-length motion picture.

Timothy Chapple, President of Judah Smiles Film Group, has been writing screenplays, short stories, and TV commercials for over 10 years. He recently created and co-produced the "America's Missing Children" public service announcement series, which was a big success. This is his first time as a writer and producer of a full-length motion picture. Being a constant professional and a man of Christ, Tim brings the word and a prayer to all that he does.

Chandler Holland, has been writing short stories and stage plays for most of his adult life. His stage play, "A Doubting Thomas", will be his first written piece to be turned into a  full-length motion picture. Chandler will also serves as one of the producers on this film project. Chandler is a low key man with lots of wisdom and he brings a positive attitude to the set everyday.

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