A movie about finding faith, hope and love through prayer.

“Footprints” written by Tyler Johnson, Chandler Holland and Timothy Chapple; directed by Tyler Johnson, is a faith based feature film, created from 3 short films, ["Blessed", "The Truth", "A Doubting Thomas"] which explores the personal journey of three individuals whose lives are deeply conflicted in such a way that it can potentially jeopardize their relationship and commitment to their faith and belief in GOD. The film follows the lives of Marlene, a teenage girl living with a delinquent and drug addicted mother, Marcus Cummings, a heartbroken husband in search of the truth and Rev. Tillman, a proud believer whose faith is suddenly challenged due to a personal tragedy. In need of a blessing that brings forth both a healing and revelations, it is through Mercy, Hope and Confessions that Marlene, Marcus and Rev. Tillman are able to endure and conquer the abuse, neglect, and loss of faith in their lives.


"Blessed" by Tyler Johnson... While dealing with the adversity of being raised by a drug addicted and delinquent mother, Marlene, a 14 year old junior high school student begins to question her belief in luck and God.


"The Truth" by Timothy Chapple... Marcus Cummings slowly discovers a hidden ability about himself that causes some people to confront their darkest secrets and to confess their sins. As Marcus draws closer to uncovering his hidden ability, he too must face his own personal demons in order to uncover the Truth.


"A Doubting Thomas" by Chandler Holland... Called into the hospital waiting room to minister to two of his parishioners, Mr and Mrs Brown, Rev. Tillman brings hope and offers the word of God to help turn their traumatic situation into a stable one. But once it is realized that the hospital has made a mistake and it's not the son of the Brown family that is in the ICU, a frustrated Rev. Tillman begins to panic, losing his hope and faith, and he starts to question the will of God.


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