A movie about finding faith, hope and love through prayer.

Steven Strickland.

Lead actor, "Marcus".

The Truth.

Lynn Hill.

Lead actor, "Momma". Blessed.

Madison Schoonmaker. Lead actor, "Marlene". Blessed.

Andrea LaTrell.

"Dina", Marcus's wife.

The Truth.

Shawn Cornelius.

"REV. Tillman."

A Doubting Thomas.

Calvin Stewart.

Lead actor "Zeke".

A Doubting Thomas.

Royale Mosley.

Lead actress "Judine".

A Doubting Thomas.

Tyrese Spruill.

"Young Marcus".

The Truth.

Alfred Rutherford. "Marcus's best friend". The Truth.

Ronald Haynie.

"Pastor Powell".


Wilzette Borno.

"Staff Nurse".

A Doubting Thomas.

Jaiden Kaine.

"Marcus's father".

The Truth.

Gabe Morris.


The Truth.

Sherita Rankins.

"Marcus's Best Friends Wife ".

The Truth.

Dwayne McGleese. "Doctor".

A Doubting Thomas.

Toni Belafonte.

"Marcus's Mother".

The Truth.

Paola Arletty .



Tamika Jones.

"Sr. Doctor".

A Doubting Thomas.

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